Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another ANZAC Tradition

I know that there are lots of different traditions that help us to remember the sacrifice that the ANZACs made for all of us.  Today I learnt of a different tradition that is associated with the ANZACs, it is called 2 Up.  Now you would think that since I spent my early morning hanging out at the RSL that would be the place to learn all about 2 Up but it wasn't.

Guess where I learnt all about 2 Up?  At ice hockey.  Now I know you are probably thinking that I am way too young to gamble, but don't worry, we were playing 2 Up as a fun game, not gambling.  See instead of coins, we used hockey pucks.  Everyone had to guess if they were going to land as both heads (both hands in the air), both tails (hands on bums) or one of each.

I generally bet 'odds' - one head and one tail

The pucks were balanced on the end of a hockey stick by Liam (he's the teacher) and then tossed high into the air.  There was no money to win but if you didn't guess right, you had to skate to the other end of the rink and back before you could play again.

Come in Spinner!
It was a pretty simple game and it was easy to see just how much fun everyone could have when the only equipment, other than what we were wearing, was 2 hockey pucks!
Love AJ Pickle

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