Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Children - All about Laundry...

Dear Children,

As one of the Laundry Masters in the House of Relish, I have noticed that there is a correlation between the cleanliness of your bedrooms and the amount of clothes that are in the wash.  Somehow the clothes that are removed from the floor-drobes end up in the washing basket, irrespective of whether they are clean or not.  This means that the Laundry Masters of the House spend way too much time tackling the washing rather than spending time doing something that is remotely enjoyable.  Oh and the more clothes that end up in the wash, the more clothes that you have to put away, neatly in your wardrobe and not toss onto the floor!

Oh and as we are talking laundry, I have noticed that there is a disparity in the number of clothes that are washed each week.  Some members of the family have many more items of clothing in the wash.  That leads me to a conversation that may or may not have taken place

     Parent:  Oh no, you have a hole in your shorts!
     Child:  Yeah I know, I had to wear undies to school today!

My mum, your Nanna Pat always said, make sure you always have clean undies on.  Me?  I am just happy that you wear undies occasionally!
Love your mama, xo

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