Friday, November 25, 2011

A spot of tidying

Did you know that parents nag, a LOT?  Well if you didn't know that, I can tell you that they do, particularly when you make a mess and don't ever clean it up.  I am pretty good at making a mess and I don't like cleaning it up but some times it is easier to just clean up rather than listen to the nagging.  Today was one of those days.

Instead of listening to the complaining about the mess, I decided to get to work and start to clean my room.  I picked up all the treasures that were stored safely all over my bedroom floor and stacked them on the shelves.  The paper planes that I didn't need any more made there way to the recycling bin and the clothes that were strategically shoved into any corner of my cupboard were all sorted.

I think I made mum proud because when she came to see what I was doing she was so excited she took photos.

She may have been disappointed that she didn't get 'before' photos to show just how much work I had done but she was pretty happy with the end result of my cupboard clean out.  It wasn't just the hanging space that I cleaned out, I cleaned out the storage baskets too.  I folded all my jocks and sorted my socks too!
Folded jocks!
Sorted socks!

Isn't it is strange that a clean cupboard and bedroom can make parents happy!

Love AJ Pickle


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