Friday, November 04, 2011


We have been in the States for more than a week and have had an awesome time.  Everything we have done has been so much fun and surprisingly hassle free, even the delays, the really long flights, transit times and overnight train rides (well except for losing a diary on the Amtrak!) that it was inevitable that something would go wrong.  Well go wrong it did.  First there was the arrival at Buffalo airport only to find that our flight had been delayed for a billion hours.  OK, so it was probably only 3 hours, but 3 hours feels like forever when you are in a tiny little airport and there isn't much to do.  The best part of being trapped in Buffalo was eating Buffalo Wings - who knew buffalo had wings?

Anyway, eventually our flight was scheduled, the very last flight of the night in the airport, so it was already way past our bedtime and we were starting to get really tired.  Luckily the flight to Boston was short, it took as long to get our stuff from baggage collection at the airport to the hotel as it did to fly from Buffalo!

When we got to the hotel was when the next catastrophe occurred.  We found out that somehow when we cancelled one of the nights at the hotel they cancelled the entire booking!  So here we are, stuck in a fancy-schmancy hotel in Boston with no booking and no rooms available.  Luckily the concierge was really nice and he called another hotel just up the road, found us a vacancy (in a place that was really nice and had a swimming pool) and then helped to take all our bags over there.

So there you go, a few minor dramas but now we get to sleep in a great hotel and wake up ready to explore another new city.
Love AJ and Milla

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