Saturday, November 05, 2011

Not-Quite-Normal in Boston

After a late night out at the ice hockey, we decided to take easy this morning.  Instead of getting up early and heading out, we decided to head downstairs to the pool.  We were only planning of spending a few minutes in the pool we ended up spending a few hours swimming in the pool.
 It was great fun but it turns out that I may have spent a few too many hours in the pool.  By the time we got out of the pool my eyes were hurting.  By the time we headed out into the sunshine my eyes were watering.  We were on our way to lunch but had to stop because I couldn't see.

Instead of going straight to lunch we had find a pharmacy to get some drops for my eyes so that I could see again.  Hooray for the iPad and being able to find a pharmacy without having to walk all over Beacon Hill for hours on end!

Finally I was able to see again and we headed out for lunch.  The place we went to for lunch is apparently pretty famous, but I have never heard of it before, have you?

Anyway, I haven't heard of the place before but the food was pretty good.
We thought that when we were in the mood for famous things we should try some food that was famous in Boston - Boston Cream Pie.  Well it turns out that Boston Cream Pie is really only cake with lots of cream in it and some pretend chocolate stuff on top.  It was OK but I don't think it was so great that is should be famous.  I think I would prefer to eat a piece of chocolate cake instead.  Either way, at least now I am feeling better and have had a big lunch, I am ready to get back out there and explore Boston for one more afternoon.
Love Princess George

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