Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Story of the Turtle, the Crocodile and the Monitor

We wanted to do something special for Dad's birthday but we weren't sure what we should do.  We waited until we were pretty sure that it wasn't going to rain all day then we packed a huge picnic and jumped into the car for the long drive out to the Healesville Sanctuary.  

We have only been to Healesville Sanctuary once before and that was ages and ages ago, when Milli was a baby so it was almost like going somewhere completely new all over again.

We had an awesome time picnicing and exploring.  Our timing was impeccable we managed to see the Birds of Prey, the parrot show, pat a goanna, cuddle a wallaby as well as all the normal things like see fruit foxes, lyrebirds, kangaroos, platypus, tassie devils and wombats.  The best part of the whole day was visiting the reptile area and that brings me to my story, the story of the Turtle, the Crocodile and the Monitor.

You see, just as we walked into the reptile exhibit they began feeding the turtles, crocodiles and the monitors that were sharing a home.  Of course they all wanted to eat the same fish but they all had different ways to try and get the fish.  

The monitors were super fast, the turtle was much slower and the crocodile had no idea at all.  Generally the monitors would get the fish because they were so fast.  The turtle worked pretty hard to get to his food and sometimes he was lucky and just seemed to be in the right place at the right time. 

Eventually there was only one fish left in the tank.  The monitors didn't seem to be interested in any more food and swam right by it so the turtle saw his chance.  Up he swam, along the edge of the tank.  

He spotted a gap between the glass wall of its tank and one of the logs in his habitat and through it he went - almost.  The turtle got stuck.  He was wedged in there tight.   He kept on swimming and pushing, trying to squeeze through the gap.  We were all cheering him on, 'Go, turtle, come on, you can do it!'  Soon our cheers became panicked cries, 'Hurry up turtle, the crocodile is headed your way.  Hurry up!'  

It seemed like it was taking forever but eventually the turtle made his way through the tiny gap to get the fish.  Go super turtle!

Unfortunately the crocodile had spied the last fish in the tank also and was headed towards it.  Just as the turtle grabbed the fish, the crocodile snapped.  He missed the fish but he had caught something.  Oh no, the turtle had caught the turtle by the neck.  Thinking that he had the fish, the crocodile swam away dragging the turtle with him.  

I don't know if the crocodile decided that turtles don't taste very nice or if the turtle was really a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and was super strong but somehow he escaped the jaws of the crocodile.  It was totally cool to watch!  Go turtle!  THE END

So that is the story of the Turtle, the Crocodile and the Monitor.  Here are a few more photos from our day at Healesville Sanctuary to show you just how amazing it is.

Happy birthday Dad,
Love AJ Pickle


  1. kingsonthelake1:57 PM

    This was such a great day for dad to have his birthday at the Healsville Sanctuary. A really yummy lunch in the park before heading off to see all the animals and birds.What a great story AJ.xx

  2. Ok..we are all caught up on your adventures now! Healsville is so much fun xx


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