Monday, July 06, 2009


We went for a walk this morning.  We thought we would just go park hopping and grab some lunch but guess where we ended up?  At the hairdressers, or as I say the HAIR DESTROYERS!

This is how great my hair was to start.  

It was kinda long so I thought I would get it trimmed.  I asked for short back and sides, just to keep nanny happy but I asked for the top to still be long.  I even pointed to where the top should be cut to (just so I can see, but still down to my eyes).  Well the hairdresser really didn't listen she cut the front so short.  
It is horrible, I can't wait until my hair grows long again.  

I am only smiling because I wasn't the only one who had their hair butchered - Milla and Will had their hair cut too and their hair was much shorter than they expected.  We can all suffer short hair together.

Love the short haired AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake2:02 PM

    The first photo is really nice but the second is fantastic. AJ you are more handsome than ever with your hair cut and it sure does make nanny happy to see you looking so good. Poppy loves it to. xx


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