Friday, July 17, 2009

Football Stars?

For the last few months mum and AJ have been dragging me along to Auskick. I really don't like football, but mum and AJ seem to like it. Luckily I am happy to go along and visit my friends there. This week at Auskick we found out that if our parents wanted to take us in to Etihad Stadium we could play in the half time Auskick games out on the ground. Naturally AJ thought it was the coolest thing ever. I didn't really want to go but decided that since the Bombers were going to play the Bulldogs it might be fun.

Well can you believe it, mum somehow convinced me to take my footy boots into the stadium, just in case there weren't enough players. Humph - they were a player short and I was convinced to play, providing I didn't have to do anything except for go out on to the field, I didn't actually want to have to play football.

Even though I wasn't 'playing' football, it was still exciting being down in the dressing rooms listening to the roar of the crowd up in the stands watching the real game. By the time we walked around to the other side of the ground and lined up in the race ready to go out onto the field I was feeling a bit nervous.
I played on the red team with my Auskick friends and AJ played on the black team with his friend Tiger.

Finally it was half time in the game and it was time for us to run out onto the field to play our game. AJ was great, he got a kick right after the game started and even kicked a point.
AJ had just kicked a point in this photo, that is him on the right.

Our team wasn't very good, but we were all having fun running around on the ground. All of a sudden our team got a free kick and the umpire tried to get me to take the kick.
I really didn't like the thought of taking a free kick and I got scared and started to cry. Instead of taking my kick I ran off the field and ran over to mum.

Later on in the game there was another free kick for our team and it was just in front of where I was. Even though I wasn't really paying the game I decided that I might as well have a kick.
I did an awesome kick and guess what happened? AJ marked it. He did the greatest kick and kicked a goal from the middle of the ground, it was awesome!

I may not have actually played football and my team lost, but I did have fun.
I was much happier when the game was over and I could go and relax with my Auskick friends.

Perhaps I will actually play Auskick next year, who knows?
Love Princess George

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  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    What a great game for you both. AJ you must have played really well to kick a point then a goal.Milla you did do well to kick to AJ for a mark. Well done to you both, future league players in the making eh. xoxo


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