Saturday, March 07, 2009

What's Wrong With this Picture?

It could be that I am trying to sleep on a shelf in the Wii Room (garage), but it isn't...
It could be that I am pretending to be a baby and sucking on my thumb, but that isn't it either.

Look closely and you might work it out...
I am wearing my school uniform and it is Saturday!  I didn't forget that it was a weekend and I put on my uniform by mistake, it is because I forgot to take it off last night before I went to bed and now I am just to lazy to get changed!

Love AJ Pickle

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  1. Anonymous9:49 PM

    You must have been really tired to go to bed in your uniform AJ. I'm so glad this is a pretend thumb sucking photo, would hate to see it really happening. love nanny & poppy xoxo


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