Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Friends

I have been making lots of new friends lately.  It is so good to know everyone who lives near here, it means that whenever I go to the park I am sure to find someone to play with.  

Yesterday I was waiting to meet more new friends in the park, but they were running a little bit late (something about having to go to the hospital to have xrays) so I went to visit my newest neighbours so that I would have someone to play with as I waited.

We spent ages drawing pictures in the park, it was so much fun.

Eventually our new friends arrived, straight from the hospital (apparently if you fall from a flying fox you can break your arm!) to play with us. 

It wasn't long before it started to get a little bit cold, so we went home.  We were about to order some take away for a dinner treat when our neighbours came over and invited us ALL over to their house for some home made pizza.  It was awesome, there was our family including Ellen, our new friends (all 5 of them) and our new neighbours (4 of them).  We all had dinner together and then the adults chatted and we had heaps of time to play.  

We were all having such a great time together, that I invited the girls to stay at our house for a sleep over.  
I love having a giant bed, there was room for 3 of us!

We didn't get much sleep, but we did help to make pancakes for breakfast - yum!
Love Princess George


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Here is a question from an American--what is a flying fox? I bet we have the same thing, but we call it something different!

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM

    You sure had a fun day Milla with new neighbours and friends. Who fell from the flying fox and were there any broken bones? Are there any new boys in your neighbourhood for AJ to play with? love nanny & poppy xoxo


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