Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meme About Us

Mum seems to be making friends with people from all over the world because she helps us to write this blog.  One of her friends, Lea from Whites in New Zealand sent us this blog meme to find out more about us.  Now because we blog about everything that we do (and all the things that we have ever done), most people are sure to know this stuff.  We will try really hard to think of new stuff to tell you.  Here goes...

The rules of the meme are

1. Link to the person who tagged you 
2. Post the rules
3. Share seven random or weird facts about yourself
4. Tag 7 random people at the end of the post with their links
5. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

So here are some things about us that you might not know...

1.  When I was little I used to talk just like Burt in Mary Poppins, Milla talks like she is in High School Musical.

2.  My favourite colour is red, just like a holden racing car.  Milla used to pretend that she hated pink because it rhymes with stink but it is really her favourite colour.  

3.  We both want to live in New York and we think that mum and dad would love to live there too.  We would be happy with having a huge holiday there or going to live somewhere else that there was snow.

4.  We are cyber kids - we both had email addresses before we were born!  (Now if only the grownups would give us some more computer time we would be set.)

5.  We invent our own words to songs - one of our favourites is 'I Protect a Carrot' by the Kaiser Chiefs, otherwise known as 'I Predict a Riot'.

6.  We love having people read books to us before bed.  One of our favourites is a collection of facts written by Dr Karl - he is so cool, I wish we could remember as much science as Dr Karl!

7.  When we aren't having adventures, mum and dad love playing lego or beados with us!

So there you have it, 7 facts about us.  They weren't very weird or random, but we are normal little kids who live their lives online so what do you expect?  

Now who should I tag?  

  1. Our Fairy God Mother Ellen
  2. Our cousins Henry and Owen
  3. Amelia, Zack and Chase
  4. Georgia (we miss reading about what your adventures)
  5. Anna and Tino in the UK
  6. Tanya in NZ
  7. Mari (we want to live in the US too)

Feel free to tag yourself - we are both sticky beaks and we would love to know 7 new and strange things about everyone we know!

Love AJ and Milla


  1. Hi AJ & was really cool to meet you in person at Owen's B'day party!!! We had fun playing together. Hopefully we will see you again one day - in the meantime we will continue to check out your blog & all your adventures!! Love Jemima & Zoe xx

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Interesting facts AJ & Milla. Nan & Pop haven't anything of interest on before or after to tell. love you xxoo


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