Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who is Who at the Zoo
Everyone we knew went to the zoo today...

Amelia came to the zoo with us and while we were there we saw heaps of our friends - Mackenzie, Lachlan, Ethan, Tahlia and Xavier.

Zoe came to the zoo too.  She was there with her family to celebrate her 6th birthday.   The two Nanna's came to visit her - Nanna Pat and Nanna Bette, as well as Dylan and Danielle.
We even saw our old nanny Deb.  Everyone had such a great time visiting all of the animals and playing in the park.
Love Princess George


  1. Sounds like a fun, busy day... Very social!

  2. Anonymous10:31 PM


    Sounds like fun times at your home.

    I am in love, but of course I choose the wrong guy, but totally right for me.

    Peter and I are friends, he got married last month is so happy.

    I need to find a job, but other than that, gotta say cant wait to travel again.


    Nikki Lush/Nyman

  3. kingsonthelake2:00 PM

    This day at the zoo was really great, I enjoyed catching up with everyone.Was nice to see Zoe on her birthday and to have some of her yummy birthday cake. xx

  4. Thank you Milla for letting me come to the zoo with you. I had a great day! Love Amelia


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