Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Wheels
Today I decided that I didn't need training wheels on my bike.

First I had to take the training wheels off my bike.

Then I had to take my bike to the park.

Finally I rode my bike all by myself!

I love riding my bike,
Love AJ Pickle

PS - as soon as the video is ready on youtube, I will post it here!

Here it is, me on my speedy wheels!


  1. Love, love, love this story and especially the series of photos. What a great job he did. Any falls or scrapes (apart from what Alicia did)

  2. 17 laps around the park AND a ride to the shop and NO blood!
    Love AJ

  3. kingsonthelake1:53 PM

    This is so good to see AJ, we knew you could ride like a champion. congratulations well done champ. keep up the excellent riding without any falls. xx

  4. kingsonthelake1:56 PM

    The huge smile tells it all AJ, we love the shots. xx

  5. Well done!! Your baby is growing up!!


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