Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gathering of the Clan

On the weekend, we went on a camping holiday in tungamah with hundreds of our cousins. We all camped in tents on the banks of the Boosey Creek.

Our tent was almost as big as a castle; there was a room for the kids, a room for the adults, a room to play in and another room that we didn't know what to use it for except for dancing. I love our tent. I even like sleeping in a sleeping bag.

AJ has decided that if he can't live in America, he wants to live in Tungamah. He likes Tungamah because he can go fishing in the Boosey Creek, learn to paddle a canoe, sit by a camp fire, visit Deanne's 'farm' and feed roses to the alpacas and milk to Lisa the cow and play with hundreds of kids who are all related to us.

Even dad had fun at the creek when he learnt how to drive a boat! (But I don't think he wants to live in Tungamah.)

I hope that we can go camping again some time really soon,
Love Princess George.

PS - if you want to see more photos of our camping adventures with the clan, check out our flickr pages.


  1. ewwww camping!!! Glad you had fun tho!


  2. AJ..that is the biggest, funkiest looking life jacket I have ever seen!! Love cousin Henry xx

  3. so glad you had a great camping weekend,let's do it again next year as we loved it to.


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