Monday, January 23, 2006

Only 8 more sleeps...

Did you know that I am almost 4 years old? That means I am big enough to go to 4 year old kinder. I can't wait!

Today I went to kinder for a practice play, and to meet the new teachers. My teacher's name is Carol and her assistant is Hoa and they are both really nice.

I am really lucky, Isabella is in my class, and we are both Rosellas. That means we can go to kinder on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday too.

I cant wait until next Tuesday, only 8 more sleeps!

Do you like this photo of me?
I am looking at some of the really cool rocks and dinosaurs with a magnifying glass.

See ya,
Love AJ Pickle,
the kinder kid - almost

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  1. Hey AJ,
    Have you received any of my packages yet? You should have the Christmas box any day now. I sent it really slow snail mail. Also, I hope the birthday box arrives in time - it should...
    How many sleeps now?


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