Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to me...AGAIN!
Today is my birthday, my real birthday, not just the day that I have a party with my friends. Did you know that this time 4 years ago, I was not even an hour old? Can you imagine that?
I can't really remember that long ago, but judging by all the photos that are on the computer, I was a bit of a spunk back then too.
Anyway, my birthday celebrations continued again today. I woke up extra early, but it was still dark, so I crawled into bed with mum and dad. It was so comfortable, that eventually they had to wake me up, because they were too excited and they wanted to give me even more presents.
Even more presents, how fantastic. Not only did I have presents from mum, dad and Milla, the postman had even delivered me a present all the way from Ellen in gin-Japan. I was given more games, a pirate set, funky shoes and clothes as well as books. How lucky am I?
I was almost too excited to eat, but I managed to eat some breakfast before I went to playgroup to hang out with more friends, eat cake and listen to everyone sing happy birthday to me...again!
Nick and Michael couldn't go to playgroup this morning, so this afternoon I went to their house for a play. I had heaps of fun and wanted to stay longer, but we had to go home to get ready for dinner. We had more special visitors join us for dinner; Wayne, Joke and Sharni. Can you believe it, I was given more presents, this time a really ace com-piano (for those of you who don't know what a com-piano is, it is a piano that is smaller than the one at Nan and Pop's, and it has batteries in it!) I gave everyone a recital before dinner! My com-piano playing and singing was so relaxing that Milla fell asleep on the chairs under the table and didn't eat any dinner with us big people.
After we had dinner, we ate the rest of my birthday cake - after everyone sang happy birthday to me...again! I love birthdays!
Well, I had finally go to bed to get some rest, I have another big day tomorrow - I start kinder.
I will let you all know about my first day of kinder tomorrow,
Love AJ Pickle,
the 4 year old.

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  1. Ahhhh. What happy smiles and Milla, you look so peaceful. I wish I could fit like that on one chair.
    Love and Hugs...


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