Thursday, January 19, 2006

The birthday season has begun!

Well the year is off to a fantastic start, I have already been to my first birthday party of the season. It was my cousin Zoe's 4th birthday on Tuesday. I went out to her house in Eltham and we had a birthday picnic lunch, yummy birthday cake and even a treasure hunt for chocolates. It was soooo much fun.
Zoe was really lucky, she was given some really fantastic presents. My favourite present was one that she calls Michelle. Michelle is a mouse and she lives in a really cool cage with a tower and a wheel. I wonder if I will get a present like Michelle for my birthday?

I love this time of year, Love AJ Pickle

Look at us, we are all cheeky monkeys!


  1. Happy Birthday Zoe.
    Not long for you to wait AJ... then my birthday in March. I love this crazy season too.
    Miss you!

  2. You have to tell more people about your blog... AND tell them to comment.


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