Monday, March 10, 2014

Discoveries in the kitchen

Normally when there is a discovery in the kitchen it is something gross and disgusting. Perhaps a potato that has fallen to the back of the cupboard and has gone rotten or more commonly a lunchbox is discovered weeks after it is packed and ends up looking something like this...
This once was a vegemite roll!
Sure the mouldy lunch happens a little too often but we have only been in this place for 4 months so we haven't discovered any other mouldy or rotten food hiding in the back if the cupboard or fridge. This discovery was way cooler than rotten food, and heaps more practical. Today I discovered a new drawer, right there under the oven.
Surprise, another place to hide things!
I wonder if this tiny little place will have any more hidden surprises for us?
Love AJ Pickle

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