Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Learning the transport network the hard way

So today was my only "free" day, with no hockey, no training, no obligations so what did we do? No we didn't declare it a pj day and sit around watching movies all day long. Instead mum insist that i do a practice public transport run to get ready for school with me leading the way. 

We were in no hurry so we didn't check timetables, just headed out. The journey started off well, not having to wait long to catch the bus or the tram. In fact we made it all the way to my school with no dramas at all. In fact it was so drama free that we decided to stop for lunch on the way back. 

After lunch was when decisions needed to be made - Milla had a dentist appointment to get to. Should we catch all catch the tram to the dentist or should we return home and then just mum and Milla gontonthe dentist?  

Going home first was the choice that won. Of course heading toward home, the transport connection wasn't as smooth. By the time we got to the bus stop, we had missed the bus by only a few minutes. We now had a new dilemma, wait for the next bus and be a few minutes late for the dentist or head back to try and catch the tram. Seeing that mum hates being late, we headed for the tram as mum called ahead to say they were running late. Naturally the tram had just left but another tram was in sight so it seemed we wouldn't be too late. Of course that team sat for ages without moving. Finally when it did move it was so slowly we could have walked faster. What did we do next?  Not sit and enjoy the slow leisurely ride. Instead we got off and walked back to try and catch a bus. To continue with the excitement, there wasn't a bus in sight and we didn't even know where the bus stop we needed was. We tried to hail a taxi but the only taxi that stopped only stopped to tell us he wasn't taking passengers. We even tried calling for a taxi but they didn't answer the phone. Clearly getting to the dentist was going to be hard work. 

Mum called the dentist to say that we were still stuck in Footscray. Luckily for Milla they had a cancellation so she could still go there whenever they could. So here I am, almost an hour after missing the first bus, back at the same bus stop, waiting for a bus that of course we missed by a few minutes. At least this means I get to go home instead of being bored waiting at the dentist!

So, what did I learn today?
1. Always get to where you are going before stopping for lunch. 
2. Leave earlier than you think you need to, public transport can take forever and it always takes longer than you imagined. If it doesn't take ages you get to where you need to be you will be early and that is good too. 
3. Make a decision, stick to it and see it through, heaps of time is wasted each time you change your mind. 
4. Mum's brain must still be broken, she has forgotten how to make a decision!
5. Running late is better on a full stomach however, running through the suburbs with a full stomach is less fun!

Most importantly it isn't what I have learnt, it is more important that I have convinced mum that I can read timetables, make contingency plans and I will have no hassles getting to school on my own next week!

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