Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tricking Santa

You know that big guy in the red suit that visits all the good kids on Christmas Eve, well I really want to meet him but it seems he is pretty tricky to catch.  One year he delivered a set of bunk beds to AJ and I for Christmas and he managed to build them in our bedroom without waking us.

Last year I wanted to wake up when he snuck in to deliver presents so I tied my Santa sack to my ankle.  He managed to untie my santa bag and fill it with really cool stuff without waking me.  This year I was determined to catch "Santa" in action.  My first plan was spotted by mum and dad before I fell asleep and they were complete spoil sports, they insist that I untie the bag from my body if I wanted "Santa" to deliver any christmas presents!

I untied the bag from around my neck and waist before I went back to bed, but that wasn't going to stop me, I still wanted to trick "Santa".

It seems that my ankle tying trick of last year didn't work, this year I would upgrade my tying techniques and tie my foot into my Santa bag.

Clearly the tie worked so well that Santa couldn't deliver my presents.  When I woke up the only thing in my Santa bag was my foot, and I thought that "Santa" was pretty annoyed at me and decided that he wasn't going to give me any presents.

Luckily "Santa" is a pretty good bloke and he had been to visit, he just decided to leave my presents on the bedroom floor instead!

I don't think that I will try and trick Santa next year.
Love Princess George

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