Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missing out on moving :-(

Dear Monkeys,

Today is moving day and I really wish that I was able to spend the day between our homes moving  everything and making sure that the apartment is all set up but instead I am back in hospital and not feeling too well at all.

Last night, I had planned to finish packing and then sneak in and get photos of you both sleeping soundly for the last time in our Kensington house.  Unfortunately that isn't what happened.  I wasn't feeling so well and I had a bit of a fever so instead I went to bed.  By the time dad finished doing whatever he was doing, my fever was pretty high so I decided that if I went in to the hospital, they could run some tests and give me some IV fluids so I would have the energy to move today. 

Unfortunately that isn't what happened.  Once I got in to hospital, my fever had increased, my heart rate was really high (118 instead of about 60) and my blood pressure was dropping.  I was given IV fluids, had heaps of blood tests and also xrays but I wasn't allowed to go home.

Hopefully I will be out of hospital by the time you get home from school and we can all go to the new place together. 

Love you both,

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