Monday, November 18, 2013

Checking out the new place! - A sneak peak

When you come to visit us at our new place, there are heaps of different entrances that you can use.  This is the one we are most likely to use.

Next you have to catch the lift up to our floor, this is what the lift foyer on our floor looks like.  

Now I could show you photos of the empty rooms, but realistically they look like any other empty room, instead check out the balcony!  Down there you can see the tennis court as well as the garden and barbecue area.  In the background you can even see Etihad Stadium.

Milla has a pretty good view from her room, overlooking the garden and tennis court too.  If she looks out the side window, past the balcony, she can see the Bolte Bridge too.

The view in my room is a little different, you can see all the way from Port Phillip Bay in one direction, right around to Kensington in the other!  I didn't think to get a photo from my room but that's OK, this is just a sneak peek of our new place, soon we will have eleventy billion photos to show you.  

Right now mum and Milla are heading to Icehouse and I am heading back to Kensington with Dad to load up some stuff in the car and begin moving in.

Hooray for moving day!
Love AJ Pickle

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