Saturday, September 17, 2011

Musical Magic

So it was Saturday morning, the day I normally get (woken) up bright and early to head in to Docklands to go skating. I knew that my lesson wasn’t until later in the day so I really didn’t know what the rush was all about, but mum made us get dressed and jump into the car. I thought maybe she had forgotten the lesson times but she said she had a surprise for us before we went skating. Who was I to argue, so I got ready and off we went.
It wasn’t until we were on our way that mum let us know that we were going to see a performance of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) at Iwaki Auditorium at Southbank. I was already pretty excited and then mum said that there would be ballet dancers from the Australian Ballet there too I could barely sit still.
We managed to get into the theatre at just the right time, the family that were sitting in the centre front decided to sit in the seats instead of on the floor so we go to sit right at the very front where I knew that I would be able to see everything. The conductor came out and soon the performance began.

There were 4 beautiful dancers; Patrick, Alex, Polly and Hannah. They were all amazing dancers, the way they moved they looked like the music. Polly was my favourite, not only was she a great dancer, she had a really pretty smile and looked so happy when she danced.
All of the music was fun but I had a few favourites. One was the music that the conductor said had a Spanish style, I didn’t think it sounded Spanish, it reminded me of Indian music with snakes dancing out of baskets! The hoedown was great too, the dancers made me laugh and when Patrick and Alex danced together they reminded my of Twiddledum and Twiddledee! I think my favourite piece of all was called Light Speed and it was fast and fun, it made me want to get up and dance.

Somehow mum had organised for us to meet some of the orchestra and the dancers and even had our photos taken with them!

With some of the MSO and the dancers from the Australian Ballet, and with Heidi from Stuff With Thing!

I had such a great time listening to the orchestra and watching the dancers, I really hope that we are around during the holidays to go and see another performance of the MSO - they are playing Peter and the Wolf at ACMI and I already know that music but I don’t know much about the the story.
Don’t tell mum and dad, but I had so much fun that I think I want to do dancing again and perhaps learn an instrument again, maybe the flute!
Love Princess George.

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