Saturday, September 24, 2011

(Almost) Record Breaking

What did you do today?  I tried to get my name listed in the Guiness World Records.  We all decided to head in to Icehouse to join in a conga line on ice.  Everyone that registered had to join in the conga line and skate around the ice for 15 minutes without letting go of the person in front of you and not fall over.  Now I know that I can skate for ages and ages without falling over but I wasn't too sure about mum and dad!

We had plenty of time to warm up before the record attempt began.  Instead of using this time to warm up with us, mum and dad used the time to rest and to get photos!

Finally it was time for the conga line to start.  We were in the middle section of the line - dad was first, then AJ, me and then mum.  It was actually pretty hard to skate so slowly and in a squishy line but I managed to stay up the entire time, and make sure that I held on tight to AJ.  It was easier said than done, I don't think mum actually skated at all, she let me tow her around!

Whether we broke the World Record or not, it was a pretty cool way to spend the start of the holidays,
Love Princess George

**edited to add - there were only 202 people in the conga line, not enough for a world record, we will have to go back next time they try to break the Actual World Record.

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