Friday, January 01, 2010

What did you do to start the new year? I headed to the zoo with my family and some great friends; Ellen, Tomoko and Tomoko's mum Toshiko. Since Tomoko and Toshiko were visiting from Japan we had to go to see all of the Australian animals first. The kangaroos weren't very co-operative and kept hopping away whenever we tried to get a photo with them in the background. The wombat was a little more co-operative, he let us pat him but he wouldn't turn around so all we have is a photo of his bum!
Once we saw the Aussie animals, I took everyone on a tour of my new favourite part of the zoo, to see the seals. The new seal enclosure is pretty amazing, I stopped for a rest on the way in to the exhibit so that I would have the energy to explore the space properly.
I remembered it was such a big enclosure that I had to stop and have another rest!
Now that I had seen all of my favourite animals, I didn't really mind where we went next, but I was in charge of planning our zoo adventure. Instead of touring the zoo to see all the animals, I took everyone on a tour of all the fun places I like to have my photo taken!
Being at the zoo with Japanese tourists meant that they were more than happy to take photos of me wherever I wanted to stop and pose! My photo tour also showed everyone the gorillas, monkeys, tigers, elephants, butterflies, orangutans and siamangs so I think everyone else was happy with the tour too. We even stopped at the Japanese gardens, just in case Tomoko and Toshiko were feeling homesick!

I had a great time at the zoo with my friends.
I had a great time when we went back to our place too - Tomoko and Toshiko gave me gifts so I spent the rest of the afternoon making an eraser, piece by tiny piece. Japanese toys are so cool!
Thanks for coming to visit me Tomoko and Toshiko, I hope you come back to play again really soon.
Love Princess George

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