Friday, January 01, 2010

Good Bye Old Year

It was time to head home to Melbourne to get ready for the old year to finish and for a new year to begin. AJ decided that he didn't want to go home so he stayed with Nan and Pop and we drove home without him.

We decided to pack a picnic and wander over the road and spend the evening relaxing in the park with anyone who wanted to join us. I was happy that my friend Poss could come and play in the park with us.

Once it got dark we cracked the glow-sticks and made glow in the dark jewellery so everyone could see us as we danced around.

The rain decided to hit just as it got really dark so we had to run in to Poss's house to keep dry. We played for a little while on the Wii before watching the fireworks in at Docklands through the window. For some reason mum and dad decided that it was home time BEFORE the new year even began, they tried to trick me into believing the fireworks meant that it was time to go to bed! Don't tell them that I was kind of happy to go home to bed, I didn't want to spend the start of the new year tired and grumpy!

Happy 2010
Love Princess George

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  1. kingsonthelake4:40 PM

    Milla you really did glow in the dark, you look great. So glad you had a happy new year party. xx


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