Friday, December 25, 2009

An Aussie Christmas

We decided to have an Aussie Christmas this year and it was heaps of fun.

The morning started bright and early with us digging through the enormous Santa bags on the end of the bed. They were full of great things but can you believe that Santa made a mistake and put the bags onto the wrong bed. Luckily we could swap them before we dragged them upstairs to show mum and dad what Santa had left for us.

After we compared the treasures we headed downstairs. Guess what? There were MORE presents waiting for us downstairs. It must have been the really real Santa that we met at Harbour Town because he left exactly what we asked for - a giant craft set and a surprise for Milla (a bird of paradise plant) and a WWE Wrestling Ring with wrestlers for AJ. We must have been extra good this year because as well as those amazing presents, Santa also left us with a new Razor scooters. Santa even left a scooter for Tong too!
We were far too excited to eat breakfast so we headed over to the park for a scoot. It was as if Santa decided that all the Kensington Kids needed new scooters because lots of our friends joined us in the park for a scoot!
We scooted ourselves hungry and headed home for a fantastic giant breakfast with all our favourites - fruit, croissants and bacon. Delicious! The only problem was that when we got back home we realised that we still had presents to open so it distracted us from being hungry!

Eventually we ate our breakfast and then mum and dad remembered that in all the excitement of the morning, they had forgotten to give us a Christmas present. It was in a giant basket and hidden under the stairs so we dragged it out and look what we found...
Can you believe it, I can't believe that we are allowed to get our very own kitten. How exciting.

Now that the present opening was really finished we made calls to family and friends who were elsewhere celebrating Christmas before packing a picnic and heading off to the beach to celebrate Australian style.
It was great playing at the beach all afternoon, enjoying the sunshine, splashing about in the water and playing on the rocks.

We hope that everyone else had a Christmas that was as fun and exciting as ours.
Love AJ and Milla


  1. kingsonthelake10:34 PM

    You must have been extra good kids this year as Santa was very generous to you both. Hope we get to meet your kittens soon.xxxx

  2. Looks Like you had fun milla!
    Love bridgy


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