Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sad and Angry

Today was to be a fantastic day, it was the day that the blanket for the bridge was being officially opened. Unfortunately that didn't happen, some selfish rude people cut the entire Big Knit from the bridge. Instead of being a blanket over the bridge it was hanging in tatters from the bottom of the bridge, dragging in the water.

Luckily some smaller pieces weren't destroyed.
Even though the Big Knit wasn't what it should have been, there was still a celebration that we went to and I even dressed up in 'wool' decorations again.
It rained for most of it but it was heaps of fun, we even learnt an old fashioned dance, something called Flashdance! I had never heard of it but it was fun.
We tried to hide from the rain but we were all soaking wet.
Even if it was cold wet and miserable, even if the bridge blanket didn't look the way it was supposed to I still thought it was beautiful and I had fun!
Love Princess George


  1. kingsonthelake5:42 PM

    Some people are heartless creatures and don't care how they hurt people who do such much good for the community. This looks like a fantastic blanket ruined by idiots. What a shame it spoilt the whole idea and efforts put into an official opening. Thumbs up to the fantastic knitters on a wonderful job.xx

  2. kingsonthelake5:45 PM

    Looks like everyone still had a lot of fun even if the beautiful blanket was destroyed. xx


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