Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chickens Will Fix It

Mum came to school to visit Milla in her class and then she surprised me by coming to visit me in my class just before I had snack and went out to play and mum went back to work. Mum didn't even get a chance to get back to work before her phone rang. Can you guess who it was? It was school calling to say that I was injured, again.

Before you knew it I was at the doctors and then having an xray of my elbow. Now or course it was my dodgy elbow and of course it was injured. I now have a Subluxation of my Radial Head. Now what that really means is that one of the bones in my forearm (the same bone that dad broke in his arm) doesn't quite line up with the bone that I just had the screws taken out of. Essentially I have a minor dislocation and it really hurts.
To cheer me up mum gave in and let me have some KFC for lunch in between appointments. Then to fill in time before the end of the school day I went to visit Ellen in her class and to see Tiger. I was even feeling so much better that I was allowed to go out and chase the chickens!
Hopefully my arm won't take too long to heal, I am off to see my orthopedic surgeon next week and in the mean time it is back to life in a sling and resting.
Love AJ Pickle

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