Sunday, September 06, 2009

Making Dad's Day

Today is Father's Day so we decided to do something special for dad. First we gave dad an awesome present - Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii. I think dad and I would have been happy to spend all day just playing golf on the Wii, but instead we went out for brunch.
It seems to be a tradition for us to go out for Father's Day with the Bryant family. This year we went to Rendezvous and then went exploring around the river. We all had a great time

finding starfish

playing hide and seek in the long grass and flowers

finding giant dragonflies

and even climbing under the rail bridge

Happy Father's Day dad, I hope you had a great day, I know I did!
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake2:26 PM

    Bet dad loved his Tiger Woods golf game, will be fantastic if he learns enough from it to play just like Tiger. You sure did have an adventurous day on Father's day.


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