Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Fun Day

This morning I was dragged all the way to Essendon to go to the Bombers Family Fun Day.  Can you believe that I had to go to Windy Hill  - AGAIN?  Has everyone forgotten that I am a Bulldog and not a Bomber?  

It was a little bit fun.  The best part about the day was when all the Bombers fans (and dad too) went to wait around to wait to see the players get their team jumpers - there was no-one in line for all the rides.
First there was the ferris wheel

Then the mini merry-go-round

And even the Clowns

It was a hot day, so we went into the Hall of Fame to cool off.
I figured that as long as I was there I could pretend that I was a Bomber!

Oh, and AJ was there too.  
I think he had fun doing handball.

Hopefully one day I will get to go to Whitten Oval to watch the Bulldogs.
Love Princess George

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  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Milla it was worth being a Bulldog because you didn't have to line up for anything, how cool is that.Maybe one day you will get to Whitten oval. AJ that looks a pretty good handball you are doing(a bull's eye)wow keep them coming. love nanny & poppy xoxo


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