Saturday, November 22, 2008

Run, Run, Run

HURUMPH!  Dad is away this weekend so I had to hang out with girls and do girlie things all day.  Luckily it was raining and I wouldn't have been allowed to play in the park all day, so being dragged to DFO really wasn't that bad, just don't tell mum, Sharn and Ellen!  

By the time we finished doing all the girlie shopping stuff, it had stopped raining so we went to the Holland Park Alive festival.  It was fantastic.  There was a jumping castle in the hall and one in the pool (but I forgot my togs), footy players to have a kick with, friends from circus to teach us new tricks, music to dance to, heaps of friends to play with and a running race.  

I went in the under 9's running race.  We had to run all the way around the KensingTAN, the new running track that goes all the way around the park.  The track goes for more than one kilometre!
This is me and everyone else running at the start of the race.

I am still running, almost at the finish line!

I didn't win, but I ran all the way and had heaps of fun.

Milli wasn't interested in running, or playing footy, she was happy climbing.

For a day where I spent most of my time with girls, it was kinda fun.
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Another fun filled day for you. Holland park alive festival looks really interesting with heaps to do. Milla you look pretty standing on the pole.AJ you done so well to run more than a kilometre.Mum must have been tired after taking you out all day. love you nanny & poppy xx


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