Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Letter from my Buddy

I went back to school today and I wore my new school costume.  
I looked so good in my school costume that everyone thought that I was a school kid and not just a kinder kid having another orientation!  

My buddy was there again and she gave me a letter telling me all about what we will do when school starts.  
My buddy and I went to art and then to music.  It was fantastic, making models with clay and singing new songs.  I can't wait until I get to go to school for real.
Love Princess Georges


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Milla you look so good in your school uniform, you seem so small to be going to school next year. Glad you have a really nice buddy. love nanny & poppy xx

  2. Wow you look so grown up in your uniform Milla! School looks like such fun. I'll have to get some tips in a couple of years! H and O xxx


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