Sunday, June 01, 2008

Through Suburbia and into the Country...

We went to Sunbury today to visit Sebastian for his first birthday.  
Do you think the birthday boy likes the present we gave him?

We had a great time eating far too much party food, making and flying kites and then playing in the park with all our cousins.   After singing happy birthday to Sebastian, the party was over.

After the party, we drove from suburbia all the way to the country, to visit Granddad in Gisborne.  Granddad's house is pretty small, so we went to the park to play instead.  

We had to go across the creek to get to the park.

Then we climbed a gigantic tree to find the best place to play.

  Milla flew into action and we all played for ages.

Dad and AJ climbed to the top of the web to see where else we could explore.

We explored along the creek and in the botanic gardens before it got too cold and it was time for home.

We think that this is our new favourite park.
Love AJ and Mlla  


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    AJ & Milla you sure were busy at Sebastian's birthday party. He is so cute. You are lucky that granddad has a small house so you get to a fantastic park to play at. Looks like heaps of fun. love nan & pop xxxx

  2. We see you found that park. It is sooo good isn't it!?! Henry and Owen xxx


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