Saturday, March 08, 2008

Beautiful People

We went to Tungamah this afternoon, to the Boosey Creek where we go camping every year (and the same place where AJ broke his arm).  We went to watch Scott and Ness get married.
Everyone looked really beautiful.
(Aunty Sharn was bridesmaid, but I don't know where she was hiding when this photo was taken)

Ness looked like a princess.

Jayanna was one of the flowergirls.
I don't think that she really wanted to be a flowergirl who wore a dress and had to carry flowers!
I wonder if I will ever get to be a flowergirl?
Love Princess George


  1. I wonder if I will ever get to be a bride...
    If I am, you can be the flowergirl (even if you are 33 by then!)

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    yes Milla there were lots of beautiful people at the wedding. Ness was like a real princess. Nice to see Jayanna in a pretty dress, she looked so nice. Maybe mum could blog us a picture of Sharn later as I would love one for my blog book. love nan & pop xx


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