Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Families

Did you know that everyone in our family barracks for a different footy team. I barrack for the best team - the Bombers, Milla likes the Bulldogs the best (and the Kangaroos and Koalas too!), mum cheers for the Kangaroos and dad goes for the Magpies.

The Bombers have been playing really well this year, but I wasn't very happy this weekend - the Magpies beat the Bombers!

At least the Bombers can fly faster than a magpie!
Love AJ Pickle


  1. kingsonthelake5:36 PM

    wow what a variety of football teams in one family.AJ your bombers done really well this week so i hope they keep up their good play for the rest of the season. GOOD LUCK BOMBERS. xx

  2. Hmmm bummer bout those flying hawk birds too...


  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Boo the Pies.....
    Bombers are playing badly too.
    The Bulldogs likewise.
    Luckly Mum has some taste as the Kangas are travelling very nicely at the moment. AJ & Milla had better think about changing teams, I think, but Dad is a lost cause with his Magpies.


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