Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Singing a Rainbow

It was the official opening of the school canteen today. There were lots of parents and important people (people that I don't know who are on TV sometimes) at the opening. There was even a magician entertaining everyone.

After all of the speeches, everyone had a free lunch together. It was a really healthy and delicious lunch, with lots of green foods and no red foods. (Green food is good and red food is food you should stop eating!)

After everyone had eaten, it was time for the first ever performance of the 2007 Kensington Primary School Junior Choir. The choir sang 3 songs, but I could only remember the words to 2 of the songs because sometimes I forget to go to choir practice.

It was so much fun performing with the choir, that I will have to remember to go to practice every week.
Love the Performing AJ Pickle


  1. well done AJ, was great to see you singing in the choir xx

  2. WOW - you certainly are a busy fellow from circus training to choir singing - a kids life has certainly changed since I went to school!


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