Saturday, May 04, 2013

How to buy a new house (and turn your world upside down) the superRelish way

Now this story starts a couple of weeks ago when mum and dad decided that they would go for a wander around Docklands instead of sitting and watching us skate all day long and ended up with us exploring display suites and pretending we were going to move to Docklands.  Well today, mum decided that she needed to convince herself that she didn't want live at The Quays and that meant that she wanted to go and have another look at the display suite to prove to herself that it was too small, that the kitchen wasn't practical and that she really didn't want to down-size.

Boring… been there and done that!  Instead of joining her, Milla and I went home with dad and mum and Ellen went off to explore the display suites.  Well this is the shorter story of what happened next.

First off, instead of deciding that she couldn't possibly down-size and live in a small apartment, mum decided that she really really really wanted to live there.  The only problem was that someone else already had the apartment on reserve and were thinking of buying it.  She called dad (using Ellen's phone because hers had a flat battery… again) to let him know that she loved the place but was disappointed that someone else was going to buy it.  Mum decided that if it was meant to be, it would happen and wandered off down the promenade to explore some more before walking home.

Now naturally the sales person checked in with the people who wanted to buy the apartment and found out that they weren't ready to commit to the sale, that meant it was available and ours if we wanted it.  She couldn't call mum so she called dad.  Dad tried to call Ellen to work out what to do but her phone had gone flat too.  He wasn't sure what he should do but took a punt and headed in to the bank to even see if we could afford the apartment.  Apparently most people talk to the bank way before they fall in love with a new place!

So it turns out that we could afford the apartment so dad transferred the holding deposit and had whatever paperwork needed to get a new home loan started.  He got home from the bank just after mum walked in and said that we had plans for the morning - WE HAD TO GO AND SIGN A NEW HOUSE CONTRACT!

Check out the photo gallery of the place we will soon call home :-)

I guess we had better start thinking of packing soon!
Love AJ and Milla

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