Friday, August 05, 2011

Learning and Remembering

A long time ago, during World War 1, there was a battle that was 'one of the worst 24 hours in Australia's entire history' that took place in France.  It was called the Battle of Fromelles.  My great great great uncle Tom Sheridan (I think that is the right number of 'greats') was a soldier that fought and died in that battle and his body was buried in a mass grave in Fromelles.  Well not too long ago, the grave was discovered and some bodies were recovered so that they could be identified using DNA.  
Well Uncle Tom was one of the bodies identified so today, instead of going to school we went to a special memorial service that was held at the Cobbers Sculpture near the Shrine of Remembrance.  

Service by the Cobbers

Heaps of our extended family were there...  
Our Family Remembers

There was a brass band playing...
And the band played

 We placed a poppy (with Nanny and Poppy) for Uncle Tom and all the other cobbers...
Placing a Poppy

I tried to hide from mum and her camera but she managed to find me anyway, can you see our reflection in the tuba?
Upside Down Portraits

Most importantly we learnt more about World War 1 and remembered all of the people who gave their lives so that we could be free.
Love AJ Pickle

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