Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Gathering of the Clan, 2008 Edition

Well the annual Gathering of the Sheridan Clan has already been and gone, and it was a fantastic weekend.
We arrived at the campsite on the banks of the mighty Boosey Creek on Friday night.  It was dark when we got there and we were really tired.  Luckily nan and pop arrived at camp early and had set up our tent for us so we could get some sleep.
We woke up really early Saturday morning, just as the sun was rising and the birds were singing.  We stayed in bed for a little while, then got up for some breakfast around the campfire.  Before we knew it, the whole clan (well almost the whole clan) had woken up and there were people everywhere.  There were cousins that we hadn't seen since the last clan gathering and it was great to play together again.
We really don't know why mum and dad don't want to live in Tungamah, there are so many fun things to do.  We went fishing, played tennis, kicked a footy, climbed trees, explored around the creek, played with animals, hit golf balls to the other side of the creek, tried to find the golf balls that were lost in the grass on the other side of the creek, played cricket, decorated craft, ate far too much food and ran around like crazy.  
All this fun, and it was still only Saturday.  We all went to the pub for tea before heading back t camp for a well deserved sleep to regain some energy for our last day camping.
We woke up early again on Sunday.  There was no point staying in bed when the sun was shining.  We ran around all day, we even managed to lock our keys into the car.  We were so busy that we are exhausted just remembering all the fun things that we did.  Instead of telling you about all the fun, why don't you look at a few of our photos from the weekend.

As you can see, we had a great time.  We can't wait until next year when the Clan will all gather at Jackson and Charlie's farm for some more Sheridan adventures.

Love a very exhausted AJ and Milla


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    This really was a fun filled weekend with lots of your cousins uncles & aunties, I'm sure everyone had a great time. This slide show is very good. Looking forward to next year's camp weekend with the Wykes family on their farm. Hope all the rellies can make it. love you all Nanny & Poppy xoxo

  2. wow if only I was a a part of the family, I love camping and an excuse for roasted marshmallows.


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