Monday, November 05, 2007

No School Today

Isn't it great that instead of going to school or work, everyone gets to watch the horse races. Australia really is the lucky country.

We decided to watch the races at the 'other park' (that is the park that doesn't really have a name or anything special to describe it).

Tom and Rachael set up their house in the park, with the tv, couches, tables and the barbeque and millions of people sat around eating and drinking and having fun. All the kids played footy and cricket, rode scooters and bikes, climbed trees and played chasey.

It was a great day. I hope we get another day to play in the park with friends.
Love AJ Pickle

This is dad checking out how much money he won (lost) on the races.

(Milli had fun making flower chains too.)


  1. Race day must have been so much fun for everyone. For one day only it would be better than school. Hope dad won heaps of money. Your daisy chain looks great on you Milla. Love to all from Nan & Poppy Pete xx

  2. Love the daisy chain...gorgeous photo!...To answer question.....didn't think it would be nice to put "fat fat fat" photo on blog as don't happen to think it's true!!!... amusing photo, but would prefer to be more flattering........let Ellen know!!!!!


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